Job Profile-“Simple Leaky Drain Repair” For Avila Beach Property For $850 Increases 1547%

Our latest job in Avila Beach was a doozy…

it started out as a simple deck drain replacement. An $850 repair.

So we opend the drain, to find that it was in fact rusted out. the flashing adjacent to the drain was rusted out. Receive permission to open some more area, find more damaged flashing down to the next drain and the next drain was rusted out too. It just hadn’t started leaking yet.

Flash forward, the contractor who called me in originally is given a contract to tear off the old decking and open all the stucco to remove all the rusted flashings.

Turns out that when the deck was installed, the stucco weep screed was already installed and prevented the deck waterproofing from being run up the vertical leg of the flashing to make a “bathtub effect. Water pooled at the edges and seeped past the decking and attacked the metal flashings, rusting it out.

The contract we had for $850 soared to over $14,000 plus all the costs for the general contractor, D.L. Carton Construction of San Luis Obispo.

The lesson to take away here is to sequence the work correctly to begin with and make sure the decking is installed correctly.

We made sure to wrap fiberglass up the leg of the wall flashings and create a bath tub effect so water can’t leak past.

The owner has a new appreciation for the value we brought to him. He could have bought a cheaper decking system but didn’t after we showed him the benefits Desert Crete offers-like easy maintenance and a warranty that isn’t tied to maintenance requirements.

If you appreciate getting a great value over a cheap price on waterproofing call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300.

If you are just looking for the lowest price you can get on deck waterproofing today, don’t call me because I won’t be able help you. But please do keep my number handy, you’ll probably need it in 5-8 years.


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