Cayucos Homes Being Remodeled Across From Each Other Rely On Desert Crete For Their Decks

Folks out for a jog or a walk or just driving down Pacific St in Cayucos may do a double take when going by 497/502 Pacific. Directly across from each other at 5th and Pacific, they both share a common bond…a sign on each that says “Central Coast Waterproofing”, signifying that smart owners live here…

Why are they smart?

Both of these homes owners have  decided to use our   DESERT CRETE fire retardant pedestrian traffic coating system to  protect their roof decks.  These owners made smart decisions to spend a little more to get a better value for their deck waterproofing needs than what our local competitors offer.

Are you looking to make an informed decision to replace your old decking or install new decking? Consider this-

Desert Crete is Class A fire resistant as per ASTM E-108.

Desert Crete is also rated for “One Hour” fire rated floor/ceiling assemblies as per ASTM E-119.

Desert Crete has passed a series of tests under controlled lab conditions and has been determined to meet the criteriea as a pedestrian traffic coating-freeze thaw tests, abrasion tests, impact tests and more.

Desert Crete has been in use for over 28+ years with a proven history of success.

Desert Crete is manufactured by Hill Brothers Chemical Company, a company that has been around since 1923.

Desert Crete has been in use in San Luis Obispo County for over 12 years-proving itself over and over.

Desert Crete is installed by specialty contractors only. General Contractors are not eligible to become factory authorized applicators.

WANT PROOF? SEE DESERT CRETE’s ICC-ES Report by clicking here-unlike others who say “ask us for proof”, we just provide it up front.

Call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 for a free estimate today. Lets compare other products you are considering and see which rises to the top.


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