Does My Deck Need a Deck Waterproofing Specialist or a General Contractor?

There are companies claim that they are deck specialists or experts in the field of deck waterproofing. Lets look and see if they really are.

In the local market, there aren’t that many choices when it comes to selecting a company that applies waterproof coatings onto plywood roof decks. Of the 4-5 deck waterproofing companies that are here, several are small one man operations. They don’t carry workers compensation insurance so they may find it difficult to accept large projects that require manpower. To protect yourself if a worker gets injured on your property, you’ll want to make sure the company you hire has workers compensation insurance if they will bring any workers to your job.

One larger company in the San Luis Obispo area, Deck Tech, is  licensed as a general contractor (B Class Lic). They claim that they are specialists in deck waterproofing, but are they really? A general contractor is by very definition a “generalist”. General contractors can do many different parts of a job, like framing and stucco repairs. Often they will hire sub-contractors for highly specialized work, such as deck waterproofing.

When general contractors start mixing specialty trades into the everyday general trades they perform, it can lead to trouble. Consider, this; a general contractor takes on many different jobs. If that company doesn’t do decks everyday for a living, then their employees might be doing demo one day, the next they might be doing painting, the following day maybe then they are waterproofing decks.

Ask yourself, Do I want a generalist or a specialist? Would you want a specialist to perform surgery on your brain or would a general surgeon suffice? The general surgeon may work out fine…but is that a risk worth taking?

Well consider this then;  as deck specialists, we aren’t out fixing rotted framing or replacing stucco on your job. The only thing we are doing on your job is waterproofing the deck. We know how to recognize the warning signs of problems on existing decks and we can recommend the proper details for framing and plywood and general building construction to make your deck waterproofing project a long term success story.  The basics are well known and time tested.

Central Coast Waterproofing specializes every day in waterproofing decks. When I’m not selling a job, or supervising your job, I’m advancing waterproofing education to a large audience-Homeowner Association managers, builders, architects etc. I’m writing articles for my peers to read and review before they are published in major magazines such as Journal of Light Construction. We are called upon to testify as expert witnesses in lawsuits, provide education to various groups-builders,national homeowner association trade groups and we are often cited as an expert source by local, state and national media.

Our applicators attend training classes and are regularly updated on new techniques, information on products and more.

Consider this-We have been installing the same system, Desert Crete, for over 12 years now. When Desert Crete is installed over a properly built deck frame, we have had tremendous success with the product. Ask Deck Tech how long this Granite Deck system they have has been installed around here. I can show you time tested successful jobs that are 10 years old. Can Deck Tech show you one job with Granite Deck over 5 years old? Ask them.

The Shorecliff Lodge in Pismo Beach has had Desert Crete on it’s walkways for over 8 years now. The Oxnard Inn in Pismo Beach has Desert Flex on it’s walkways for over 5 years now. The Marsh Street Pavillions at 1411 Marsh St in SLO has had Desert Crete on since 2003.

Landmark restaurants such as Ventana Grill in Pismo Beach, Rose’s Landing in Morro Bay, and Splash Cafe in San Luis Obispo have Desert Crete protecting their decks for over 10 years now.

Condominium associations like River Ranch in Santa Maria, Southside Villas in Atascadero, Spyglass Ridge Phase IV and Bello St Condominiums in Pismo Beach are protected by Desert Crete.

These jobs were all sold by me under other employers or by Central Coast Waterproofing.

That’s what we do, specialize in deck waterproofing. Narrowing it down even further, we specialize in installing Desert Crete. We specialize in the knowing how to install the various parts and assemblies needed for properly waterproofing your deck-the flashing, drain installation, sloping the deck as needed to drain properly. We assemble the Desert Crete system so that you have a properly assembled ICC-ES Class A fire retardant roof and walking deck coating.

When it comes to waterproofing, you need a specialist. Not a general contractor. We’ll refer you to several reputable contractors who specialize in fixing decks correctly so that we can waterproof them correctly.

Call the one and only “Deck Expert” in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County-Central Coast Waterproofing. When you do, the phone gets answered by me, Bill Leys, the Deck Expert. Call me today at 805-545-8300.

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