Educated Clients Confound Competitors By Selecting Desert Crete By Central Coast Waterproofing Over Their Cheaper Coating

Central Coast Waterproofing takes pride in our work. We take pride in the products we apply.

We have been busy working several  projects and have been booking up our schedule through April and now into May.

When we’ve been bidding projects, the same competitors names come up during the course of my conversations with clients-Upper Level Waterproofing, offering Westcoat ALX,  Santa Barbara Surfacing, offering Tufflex or Polycoat, Deck Tech, offering Granite Deck.

I always ask the clients what products intrigue them and which don’t. No sense in discussing products they have eliminated already. We discuss the products they are considering and we discuss our product-Desert Crete.  I talk about the benefits Desert Crete offers over the competing products, and what we as a company offers over our competitors.

Then I discuss price. I tell our clients up front that we won’t be cheaper than any of the other bidders. “Are you looking for value or a good price?”  I ask…if it’s value, then I have a good customer. If it’s a “good price”, lower than the competitors…well, that isn’t going to happen.

Value is something that has a price tag. A good value isn’t the cheapest product that does the job, it’s the product that does the job best for a cost that’s worth the risk. The risk of spending to much vs to little. If you spend to little and the product doesn’t work as it should for as long as it should, you will have wasted all your money.

However, when you spend a little more for a product that does exactly what it’s advertised to do, and that product gives you peace of mind, that’s value.  That’s why I found it amusing to hear a client relate a competitors reaction when they told them they were accepting my bid despite the competitors price being lower. “But we’re cheaper.”

They just don’t get it; they are only selling by having a low price on a product that doesn’t offer the same value as Desert Crete does. They didn’t listen to the client and hear that client say what they needed.

We hear you loud and clear. You want, or will want, Desert Crete. Let me show you why Desert Crete is the choice for savvy consumers. Call me, Bill Leys for a free estimate on your deck project. 805-545-8300

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