CCW Awarded Projects in Cambria and Cayucos-Dying Urethane decks to be Replaced With Desert Crete

Central Coast Waterproofing recently signed two jobs; one in Cambria on Emmons and one in Cayucos on Studio Drive.

We’ll be installing Desert Crete, our preferred system of choice, over the failing urethane decking that is only a few years old on both homes. Lack of confidence in the existing system was one reason cited by the owner of the Studio Drive property; the urethane is splitting at the seams of the plywood and has lost it’s elasticity.

In Cambria our client has the exact same system and the exact same problem-split seams and a minor leak.

Interestingly enough, both jobs were done by the same contractor from Cambria; Ron Murrell Waterproofing.

We’ve found that urethane decks such as Polytuff, Tufflex, Gaco and the rest, have little tolerance for UV. Sun beating down on the decks all day burned up the sun block/paint on the decks and then burned up the non-UV resistant waterproofing underneath. Much like an elastic band on your car dashboard, UV will cause that elastic band to snap in the afternoon.

We don’t install urethanes for good reason, the Desert Crete system  is made of concrete and will not fail simply due to UV degradation. While Ron Murrell will beat us on price everyday, these owners recognized the value that Desert Crete provides.

When your property is too valuable to risk water intrusion from failing deck systems, or if you are building and want to start right, get the deck system that lasts. Desert Crete.

Call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 for a fast free estimate.

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