CCW Awarded Contract for Desert Crete Deck Waterproofing to Remodel in Cayucos

It didn’t take long for our latest client to sign up with us to decide on Desert Crete decking despite it being the most expensive of the 3 bids he received.  Approximately 2 hours after we sent our client his bid, he called us and said, “you were right, you are not cheaper than the others…now, where do I sign?”

For this owner/builder of a major house remodel on the corner of Pacific and 5th, 640 square feet of decks over living spaces wasn’t worth taking a chance on waterproofing  to save a few dollars.  After my hour plus discussion with our client that touched upon various concerns and the pro’s and cons of the different systems he was presented with, Desert Crete rose to the top over Granite Deck and Westcoat.

When our client compared Desert Crete to our competitors, there wasn’t any comparison. Desert Crete offers an ICC-ES report to provide proof and assurance that it is a Class A and One Hour rated fire resistant walking deck and roofing membrane, meeting all the criteria required to be a code compliant decking system.

When you value high quality waterproofing over saving a few bucks, you’ll want to consider Desert Crete and the advantages it offers. Let me give you a free consultation, AFTER you’ve had our competitors come by.  Get their samples of their products and lets compare. After  we are done, I think you too will see the value of spending more now than you might have planned, but you’ll understand the wisdom of doing so.

Call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 for a free consultation today.

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