CCW Sees $850 Deck Drain Repair Balloon to $15,000 Desert Crete Job in Avila Beach

A client called a week or so ago…”I have a drain repair for you.”  he said.

We opened the drain area to discover rusted drain, flashing and metal lath system. More investigation discovered further rust in the flashing…moving down the wall and inspecting flashing found that the entire 400 lineal feet of flashing was rusted. Door pans too, 18 drains rusted out and the decking system installed was poorly assembled and improperly done.  Nothing to do but pull it all out.

There is nothing to do but replace everything, so we are installing 400 feet of flashing, 18 drains, 6 door pans, and 600+ square feet of Desert Crete decking, a Class A fire retardant roof and walking deck system from Hill Brothers Chemical Co.

The owner recollected, as he signed the contracts for $35,000 plus in work, that he had selected the cheapest bid when he was building the property.  What was the difference in price back then I asked? A few thousand dollars was the reply.

So for the sake of saving a little money, the owner now has the pleasure of paying 10x that savings in repairs.

Next time he’ll be sure to hire the best instead of the cheapest.

What will you do when you have that first chance to do it right?

Call the best decking company in San Luis Obispo County, Central Coast Waterproofing.

Ask for Bill when you dial 805-545-8300

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