Our latest job in Santa Barbara is another sad tale of woe and heartbreak…

Several years ago the owners of the Cape Cod styled home remodeled and included a deck off their master bedroom. A friend waterproofed the deck with Tufflex and put a tile finish on. Within a year cracks were appearing and the deck had to be fixed. Flash forward another 2 years and the deck was in a state of failure-cracked, leaking, a big problem.

Forensic specialists investigated and discovered the Tufflex hadn’t been installed properly, the flashing was improper…a long laundry list of wrongs brought about total catastrophic failure.

The owners did some online searches and found Central Coast Waterproofing. We impressed them with our professionalism and knowledge of deck waterproofing. We made an agreement and got to work after the deck was rebuilt.

We installed all new flashings, door pan and Desert Crete decking to 400 square feet of decking. Then to finish the deck we provided a custom finished faux tile finish.

We used filament tape to tape out a tile pattern, then we used Life Deck by Life paint water based stain in a custom blend to stain the white texture cement. To protect the stain we used Life Paints Urethane Acrylic Glaze with UV inhibitors.

The project looks great and the owners couldn’t be more pleased to close out their disaster. Next time the do a deck, they know what and who they’ll be using-Central Coast Waterproofing and fire retardant Desert Crete decking.

Let me show you why Desert Crete beats Tufflex, Granite Deck, Polyurethane and any other deck system out there. When your property is worth it, use Desert Crete.

Call today for a free estimate, ask for me, Bill Leys 805-545-8300

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