Are you considering having a deck construction project done on your home?

Do you know that as a consumer you have certain rights (and responsibilities) that you can’t waive, even if you signed a contract that says you are waiving rights?

The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) is charged with regulating contractors and when contractors break the rules, enforcing them. Licensed contractors and unlicensed contractors are both under the jurisdiction of the CSLB.

When you are presented with a contract, there are certain required clauses and notices that must be spelled out.
Right To Cancel
For consumers, the biggest one is the 3 day right to recession. This means that you have a cool off period of 72 hours (with some restrictions for emergency work) after signing the contract. So if you felt you had been pressured to sign a contract, and now you regret signing, you can cancel the deal.
Many contractors, even licensed ones, break the law on deposits on a regular basis. Contractors can only take a deposit of 10% OR $1,000.00, whichever is LESS. So if your contract with us is for $6,000.00, I can only take a deposit from you of $600.00 maximum. There are no exceptions even for special order materials.

If our contract was for $25,000.00, I can only take a deposit of $1,000.00 legally.
There is one exception to the down payment rule noted above. If the contractor has a Blanket Performance and Payment Bond on file with CSLB, this bond is in the amount of work the contractor does at any one time.

With this bond in place, the contractor can ask you for the entire contract amount up front. Also, he/she is not required to set up a schedule of payments and do not have to provide you with information about mechanics liens. This type of bond does offer consumers a certain level of protection, but is rare. Only about two dozen companies have been approved to use them. You’ll be able to find out if your contractor has this type of bond when you check the license status.

Don’t get bamboozled, get the facts straight from CSLB with this free booklet you can download here.

Let us show you how we do business, upfront and honestly, in writing.

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