Job Profile-Solving a Moisture Vapor Transmission Through a Concrete Floor Slab with Kryton T1

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Many areas in San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach and other cities around the County suffer from a high water table. With fluctuating rains though, many times a basement or slab can be dry for years, until an exceptionally rainy year drives moisture up and into garages, basements and slabs on grade.

Our latest project is no exception. Located in the Rolling Hil;ls neighborhood of San Luis Obispo, just south of the airport, this slab on grade home had a floor coating that was failing. Salts and minerals and water had popped the coating off in a number of places.

First thing to do is to remove the existing flooring. Using an EDCO concrete scarifier and grinders, we took off the flooring; 1360 pounds worth of pulverized floor went to the dump.

After that we applied Kryton T1 crystalline waterproofing to the floor in 2 applications at 2#’s per square meter each application. Using a brush and poles we applied the material in a few hours time.

In 30 days we’ll be back to take a calcium chloride test and see what the Moisture vapor Transmission rate is after full cure of the Kryton T1.

Kryton has been used on projects large and small, from a Tiger Pool in Oakland to some of the biggest dams in the world. When your concrere leaks and needs permanent waterproofing, call us.

For a free estimate on stopping water through concrete, call me Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 today.


With floor manufacturer’s all wanting moisture vapor transmission below 3 pounds per square foot over a 24 hour period, clearly this floor would not pass muster. The owner had to do something to stop moisture from coming throgh before installing expensive floor coverings.

Even though our initial baseline MVT reading was within the guidelines at 3.25pounds per sq foot over 24 hours,


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