Anatomy of a Deck Failure-Granite Deck by Deck Tech

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Our newest client is someone who never thought that only three years after spending $6,000+ to fix her decks that she’d be facing another huge bill to fix her decks properly.

We inspected a job  earlier this week when the clients contractor called us and had questions about repairing a deck that had been done by Deck Tech.

Our inspection revealed a number of problems with the job.

  1. Coating applied was sprayed on too thin-allowed pin holes to form in coating and water to migrate through. NCS Granite Deck requires minimum mil thickness be applied to avoid this problem. 
  2. Failure to prep/prime existing coating to allow new coatings to bond. Deck Tech Granite Deck peels right off the surface.
  3. Failure to properly prepare flashings. The material won’t bond to improperly prepared surfaces.
  4. Failure to address railing base penetrations by removing railing bases and waterproofing underneath where bases will set. Rotted plywood is the result.
  5. Failure to address high edges. Water doesn’t drain properly and ponding water conditions have occurred due to this failure to address the condition.
  6. Failure to comply with code and install a Class A fire retardant deck system in compliance with ICC-ES standards.
  7. Took a deposit of $2,000+ dollars; an apparent violation of CSLB law that restricts contractors from taking a deposit of 10% or $1,000.00, whichever is LESS. In this case, IMO, the deposit should have been $600.00.

So now what is the client faced with? A huge bill to fix the deck right. Over $18,000 worth of repairs…

We sat down with the contractr and their client and explained the situation. For over an hour we talked. The client understands what needs to be done and face reality that their is no magic elixir to fix a deck. No spray applied polyurea is going to make your problems go away, it will only mask the problem for a few more years.

Don’t buy any BS from a salesperson; we present facts that are verifiable.

We use ICC-ES evaluated Desert Crete decking that is Class A fire retardant.

We install decking the way the manufacturer says to; the right way.

There is no magic potion to make your deck problems go away. Only a well built deck using best building practices will provide the foundation necessary for a deck coating to be applied to. Only a deck system installed by professional applicators using best practices will perform for the long term.

Well built deck structures and well assembled deck coatings are not cheap. But they will last, providing a lifetime of enjoyment. Do it right or do it over…

Call today for a free estimate on doing the job right. Call me, Bill leys at 805-545-8300

One thought on “Anatomy of a Deck Failure-Granite Deck by Deck Tech

  1. there are great deck products on the market, all products require the installer to do it correctly. i have always preferred porcelain tile deck systems due to the durability of the porcelain again it requires proper installation


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