Job Profile-Seamless Epoxy Flooring For Juice Store in Carpinteria

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A new Juicewell store/juicing facility is underway in Carpinteria. The tenant improvements are being performed by Barton Construction of Santa Barbara. This is our third project with them.

As part of the improvements, and to meet NSF sanitary standards for food processing, a seamless floor and cove base 4″ up the wall was required.

Barton Construction turned to Central Coast Waterproofing for help with the floor. As construction was under way and the floor covered with materials and debris, we could only guess at what the conditions were when we bid the project.

When the job was ready for us and we started shot-blasting the floor with our Blastrac shot-blaster  a lot of cracks were revealed along with a lot of spalls and chips from power hammers shooting nails into the floor from previous tenant improvements. Unfortunately that led to a change order for additional concrete prep-crack repairs and filling spalls.

We also knew that with the significant amount of cracks-over 350 lineal feet, that the flooring that had been selected from our Concrete Floor Store gallery/showroom, a solid color Spectraquartz mineral flooring, would telegraph those cracks through to the finished floor.

The owner signed off on that issue acknowledging that possibility and we continued on with priming the floor and installing the flooring in the office area and the juice processing room.  We also installed 250 lineal feet of Speedcove wall base to the perimeter of the walls to create a 4″ high seamless finish that is NSF approved.

After inspecting the floors, the owner decided to change the color of the juicing room as well as the as yet undone warehouse floor. We blended Spectraquartz colors together to create multi-colored blends that would help hide cracks better than solid colors did.

We redid the juice processing floor in a Aspen Green blend and the warehouse with Glacier Blue. The office floor looks very cool with a uniform blue on it.

After curing, we top-coated the floors with a protective coat of clear Polyaspartic finish.

The owner has a great looking seamless floor that meets code and provides a clean safe food processing floor for a long long time to come.

Great floors don’t come easy, the vast majority of work is in the proper preparation of the concrete-shot-blasting, crack repairs and priming. We spent 4 days on concrete prep before laying primer or epoxy. Get your job done right with the company that goes the distance to do it right-Central Coast Waterproofing.

Call me, Bill Leys, for a fast free estimate on your next floor.  805-545-8300

Stop by our Concrete Floor Store gallery and showroom (currently by appointment only) and view our exterior flooring samples anytime outside our front door at 405 E Branch St Arroyo Grande. Out back in the parking lot behind the front building…

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