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Church’s are a respite for the soul, a place to go to meditate, reflect and grow.

We go to Church to help save our souls from eternal damnation and hell…

However, churches, just like any building, aren’t immune to the ravages of the weather here on the Central Coast of California. Eternal damnation? Decks aren’t afraid of that…decks are afraid of eternal damnation to dry-rot, fungus and leaks.

So when a House of God is suffering from leaks and dry-rot to it’s structure and decks, what miracle can one rely on to provide a waterproof walk-able surface?

The answer that Christians, Hindu, Muslim, Jews, and everyone of faith, and even atheists  can turn to is the Desert Crete Pedestrian Traffic Coating system from Hill Brothers Chemical Company. Desert Crete is a miracle of modern day technology using polymerized cements and fiberglass/resins that when assembled properly makes any deck or roof waterproof and ready for high traffic that other systems just can’t compare to. While it won’t part the seas to let you cross, it will fend off the seas of heavy rain we get here.

Our latest project we just completed is the locally notable landlocked lighthouse at Fairoaks Avenue in Arroyo Grande.

Parthenon Builders was the General Contractor hired to repair the leaking rotted structure. With everything covered outside in stucco and inside with drywall, the extensive damage to the framing wasn’t evident until demo started.

Parthenon Builders, led by Chris Sterios, peeled back the damaged materials, repairing and replacing plywood and framing. After many hours of labor, they were ready for waterproofing. The contractor they hired to do the waterproofing balked at contract terms and so eliminated themselves from the job. Parthenon searched for another contractor to waterproof the decks and roofs and found us online after a Google search.

We bid the project and were awarded the job and signed the contract with Parthenon Builders.  Working together, we first came in and flashed the decks up at the top. Climbing 70 foot high scaffolding is never fun, but the view we had was worth it. We applied a base coat of waterproofing and then the stucco contractor came and applied their stucco system to waterproof the walls of the lighthouse.

After that was done, the scaffolding was pulled down to allow work to continue on the main deck level. Again we came in and waterproofed the deck. A tricky part on this deck was tying in the roof which met the deck so that everything was waterproof and installed in a weatherboard fashion. The roofing company finished the roof tie in after we ran flashing up the sloped roof and applied our Desert Crete under where the shingles would lay over.

Finally everything was done after many more months than expected. The recent rains have tested the decks and the Church’s faith in Desert Crete remains intact after the Desert Crete resisted all the temptations that the devil threw at it.

Don’t damn your decks to hell and damnation-Save them with Desert Crete decking installed by Central Coast Waterproofing. Get a free estimate and learn how Desert Crete will save your decks and walkways.

Call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 today for a free quote on your next job.

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