Job Profile-Nipomo Grande HOA’s Deck Repairs and Resealing Project

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Nipomo Grande HOA is a small condo conversion project. Apartments were converted to condo’s and sold off individually during the hey day of the real estate boom.

The project has walkways leading to the individual units and they needed some attention after a few years of use.

One section of walkway had cracked, allowing water intrusion to occur. The general contractor, Energy Design Builders, led by Terry Hayes, tore off the decking and plywood to find unexpected dry-rot in a few beams. (lesson, don’t delay small repairs, they turn into big ones). After repairs were made, we came in to waterproof apx 120 square feet of area.

With the waterproofing done, we turned our attention to mimicking  the existing “tile” pattern and blending it back together. Tape out pattern tile was simple to do and we quickly put that back together.

Finally it was time to pressure wash the walkways clean and reseal them with deck sealer.

Our Subaru powered Ridgid pressure washer quickly cleaned up the walkways and stairs of 5 years of use and dirt.

We then rolled out Life Deck 10 Series deck sealer custom matched to the existing color of the walkway.

Over 2000 square feet of walkways were resealed and protected for another 5 years or so of use before it needs a resealing again.

Nipomo Grande has nice looking walkways to help improve the curb appeal of the property and will help extend the useful life of their deck coatings. Cheaper to maintain than replace…

Get your HOA back in shape with it’s decks and walkways, let Central Coast Waterproofing maintain, repair and inspect your decks. You’ll be in good hands with us.

For a free estimate on your HOA deck resealing project, give me a call at 805-545-8300. Ask for Bill.


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