Job Profile-Beachy Keen Cottage- Desert Crete Decking Goes to Oceano Dunes

A beach cottage A frame on Surf St in Oceano had an old deck that was leaking…

Joe Cannon Construction was going to be fixing the deck and replacing siding on it. They called us looking for Tufflex, as our website showed up on Joe’s Google search.

We showed Cannon Construction our Desert Crete, discussed the differences between the systems and showed Joe a job we were doing in Grover Beach. Bottom line, Joe bought the Desert Crete system over Tufflex (we bid it both ways) and installed it several weeks ago.

Now the little A frame has a super view deck of the Pacific and the crashing waves on the beach.

Let us show you why Desert Crete is the best choice for your decking project-rental tough, easy to maintain, great warranty and fire retardant Class A rated.

Desert Crete accents any deck with a variety of finishes and textures, colors and patterns.

Call us today for a free estimate on your next project. Ask for Bill at 805-545-8300


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