I found this very informative article at ExtremeHowTo.com today from a Google alert I have set up.

Composite materials are one of the fastest growing segments in the building material industry. Just as new technologies have changed the siding and roofing segments of construction, composite materials are charging into the decking arena.

However, today questions and shortcomings are becoming evident in composite decking (C-D). Everything new should and usually does look great, but problem issues surface when composite decking materials are marketed as a universal cure-all to wood’s specific problems. Rot, insects, warping, splinters, combustibility, maintenance and environmental concern for treated lumber all play into the sales.”   READ IT HERE  http://extremehowto.com/a-closer-look-at-composite-decking/

We of course sell Desert Crete decking and now with this article we want to really strongly urge contractors, homeowners and architects to start considering the better alternative-Desert Crete decking over a PLYWOOD low slope deck.

Yep, plywood. With the problems listed for composite decks, and measured against all the benefits of a Desert Crete deck, I’ll bet you’ll agree too.

First, have you priced a composite decks materials out lately? Holy Toledo Batman… and then you need a very heavy framing system to take all that weight…have you picked up a composite board at all?

Then, after building a deck with composite, water runs through the boards. It’s not waterproof unless you then build a waterproof deck…well that seems silly.

So either you use composite and can’t have a room underneath, or spend more to waterproof a roof and then put composite on…

Instead, consider Desert Crete 

Desert Crete system

Fire retardant Class A rated

One Hour Rated Construction

Meets AC-39 Acceptance Criteria for Walking Decks

ICC-ES Report 1661

Solid surface roof and walking deck system.

Tough concrete decking

Perfect for decks over living spaces or out over open space.



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