Job Profile-Digging Trenches Sucks! Pismo Beach Garage Wall Negatively Waterproofed Via Kryton Crystal T1/T2 System

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Not all negatives are negative…take Kryton Crystal T1/T2 Crystalline technology for example…While we often waterproof walls and buildings on the Negative side of the wall, positive things do happen! Like, well, stopping leaks.

Our latest job was waterproofing cement block walls in a garage. The house is set into part of the hill, or Pismo Heights as the area is known. The block walls have apx 5-6 feet of soil against them, a deck is over part of the area that would normally be excavated and well, oh my, it’s just a lot of work digging all the soil out to waterproof it, then put it all back. Water had leaked through for years, leaving unsightly salts all over the wall.

How can we waterproof this our clients asked several other competitors? Dig they all said. Then the clients were referred to us by someone who knew someone who used us before…They came to us and asked “How does one avoid digging?” Our answer-Kryton!

Kryton is a crystalline waterproofing method that never wears out, can’t be damaged and is permanent!  It can be applied to the negative side of the wall where water is coming through, and with it’s crystalline properties, go to work waterproofing the wall.

Don’t spend money digging, spend money waterproofing! Get your free estimate on waterproofing your concrete walls, block walls, elevator pits, dams (yes dams) Tiger Pool, or potable concrete water tank. Yes Kryton is safe for drinking water too!

Get your free estimate on your water intrusion issues and be POSITIVE that Kryton will work for you. With 10 year warranties and Kryton by our side, in the lab and in the field, you’ll be dry in no time!

Call Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 for your free estimate today.

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