Brian Phillips Construction Awards Deck Project to CCW for Grover Beach Remodel

Once a simple ranch style home, the remodel will become a beautiful contemporary home.

Perseverance, education and knowledge wins over cheaper bids for lesser products.

Our latest job that was awarded to us is a contemporary remodel in Grover Beach on Ocean View off 4th Street. High on the hill, the homes new decks command a view of the Pacific.

Being over valuable living space, contractor Brian Philipps knew he couldn’t afford to choose poorly when it came to the selecting a decking system.  For more than a month, competitors called upon Brian, seeking to sell him their preferred product. Tufflex from one, Granite Deck from another, Westcoat ALX by a third.

Brian thoroughly vetted each bidders product, using to gather information on the products and ask the questions that need to be asked BEFORE buying. For almost 6 weeks I called on Brian, answered his questions and concerns, guided him through or Desert Crete product in side by side comparisons of the other products.

First off the contenders list were products that didn’t have an ICC-ES report behind them proving that they meet minimum criteria as Class A fire retardant pedestrian traffic coatings.

That basically left Westcoat ALX and Desert Crete standing. With Desert Crete’s additional “One Hour” rating for fire codes, Desert Crete took the day.  It also became the top choice despite it’s being the highest priced bid of the bunch.

Brian Phillips Construction ignored the temptation of a low price to get a better product than our competitors offer.

Let us show you why you should spend a little more to get the product that will really work, installed by a company that demonstrates competence and dedication. Call me, Bill Leys for a free proposal for your next project and get the edge. 805-545-8300.

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