Deck Tech’s “Granite Deck” Polyurea Story is Full of (Air) Holes

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In a small market, it’s always  competitive in specialty trades contracting, such as deck waterproofing.

Quite often I see the same competitors bidding for the job.

It’s quite difficult for clients to differentiate between the products and claims. See www, for help on that.

That’s why we stick to tried and true products such as Mer-Kote, Desert Brand and other familiar brands…

One of our competitors has tried to separate themselves from the rest by offering “Granite Deck” polyurea spray coating. Polyurea is a 2 component sprayed on material that cures quickly and when done properly, is used quite successfully in a number of ways truck bed liners, water tank liners, concrete pipes, ships etc.

Some have moved the product into other fields, deck waterproofing for example.

The problem is the Deck Tech Polyurea Granite Deck system is not suitable for decks and concrete pool decks… in my opinion. The pics above show the Granite Deck membrane on 2 jobs failing dramatically. It’s not the products fault. Just like painting, 990% of a job putting down polyurea is preparation and 10% application. If surfaces aren’t prepped right, if the coating is applied thick enough, if there’s moisture present, if there’s any number of things that aren’t right, failure is likely.

The biggest problem? Application of the product in the right mil thickness to eliminate pin holes. In each of these examples, the product was sprayed so thin that pinholes formed and after curing, allow water, air and contaminants to pass through. Failure is only a matter of time…

Deck Tech’s story is full of holes, and it ain’t pretty. For decks, the product has no testing or evaluation reports proving that it’s a Class A fire retardant coating, only manufacturer claims that have no independent back up.

Our Desert Brand line of products on the other hand DO have the the testing behind them. Our Desert Crete system is applied by hand, ensuring a full application of the product as we use lath that must be filled and buried, ensuring you of a solid 3/16 -1/4″ thick application that IS fire retardant.

Their system requires periodic maintenance , that if it isn’t done, may result in premature failure due to UV damage to the coating. Maintenance is a must with Granite Deck and worse, you don’t have a choice of who will do the maintenance work, Deck Tech’s “warranty” says they must do it…at a cost of who knows how much?

Be sure, use Desert Brand products applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions, backed by a manufacturer who’s been around since 1928. Any Desert Brand dealer can service your deck after it’s been installed, and even better, our system doesn’t break down from UV exposure.

Get the facts Jack, call us for a free proposal and  get a side by side comparison of Granite Deck vs. Desert Brand! There’s no holes in our story or our membranes.

Call Bill at 805-545-8300 today.

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