Job Profile-Morro Bay Vacation Home’s Decks Get Toughed Up With Desert Crete



Folks love to go on vacation. For many of us, the beach is a favorite summer vacation destination.

The two homes on the corner of Monterey and Pacific  are being readied for vacationing tourists coming to visit the seaside town of  Morro Bay.

Contractor Craig Gossard is fixing the homes up and needed the decks on the homes recovered. With lots of turn overs and use and sometimes abuse, the decks couldn’t be wimpy rubber coatings that can be damaged or cut with chairs, grills and tables.

Having used us before on several projects, Craig knows that Desert Crete is tough, durable and lasts. Craig called us again to recover the two decks for visitors enjoyment of the Rock views the rentals afford from the second floors.

Find out more about how tough Desert Crete is, how it’s Class A rated fire retardant concrete base won’t burn,, chairs and grills are just laughed at and wear and tear is almost a thing of the past…

Call me, Bill Leys, the owner-direct at 805-545-8300 and get a free estimate today!

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