Job Profile-You Otter Enjoy the Ocean Views From the Desert Crete Deck Installed at Mariner’s Inn!

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The aging Mariner’s Inn was showing it’s wrinkles. Sold off to a new investor, the motel underwent a quick redo for the summer season while plans are drawn for a new hotel to be built in a few years.

In the meantime, the main attraction, the second story view deck needed major repairs.

That started with a tear off of the old decking, down to framing. Repairs to the framing and sloping installed via rip strips and new plywood solved that problem.

We then flashed the deck edges, then we installed Desert Crete decking over the lath as it was put down to isolate it from any salt air.

Rick Low of Associated Development Services loves the new decking system. Desert Crete is Class A rated as a fire retardant deck, holds up against use and abuse and provides a cost effective waterproof roof over the lobby area too.

Desert Crete was selected as the best choice for this hotel over competing systems offered by local contractors. Let me show you why you should select Desert Crete too.

Call me, Bill Leys for a free estimate today. 805-545-8300

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