Summers Here and The Concrete Is Getting HOT! Keep it Cool With NewLook!

Concrete absorbs heat. Add dark colors to it and you can increase the surface temperature by 100° F. Ouch! This heat absorption in concrete is what contributes to the “urban heat island effect” causing hotter air temperatures in urban locations than surrounding rural areas.

Use CoolStain™ PRO to keep your concrete cooler. It’s a patent-pendingpolymer-modified, water-based, premium concrete color stain. CoolStain PRO is made especially for use with existing, unsealed, exterior, concrete surfaces.CoolStain PRO is NOT a paint. It penetrates the surface of porous concrete and forms an opaque (solid), and breathable finish that requires no sealer. As its name implies, CoolStain’s patent-pending infrared reflective technology minimizes heat build-up of concrete surfaces exposed to sunlight, reducing the temperature by up to 50° F!

Californian’s love the heat of summer…the warm nights and days keep our spirits up and loving life!

The only thing we don’t love about hot days is our tender feet getting cooked on that slab of hot concrete patio or the the pool deck…

That’s where we come in-Central Coast Waterproofing can apply coatings that decorate your concrete and at the same time,  reduce the temperatures by 20 degrees! That’s right, up to 20 degrees cooler than a slab ‘o concrete that’s not treated!

Keep your feet and temper cool with our line of stains and sealers that REDUCE surface temperatures.

Call today for a free estimate on your cool stain job…805-545-8300



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