Job Profile-We Left Our Desert Crete in San Francisco…

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With a playful play on a Tony Bennett classic, we left our Desert Crete on some decks in  the Diamond Heights neighborhood of San Francisco this week.

The decks have dry-rot and improper slope to them, so they need to be rebuilt, sloped and sheeted with plywood. Then we come and apply Desert Crete decking giving the client an investment grade system that lasts and lasts while rebuffing abuse.

Our latest job is for a large apartment and condo rehab contractor; it’s our fifth project so far with this firm after being hired over a local contractor who wasn’t performing as expected.

We believe in creating relationships that last; when we partner with your firm, you’ll get the service you require to keep your clients happy. See why this unnamed firm calls us in from 200+ miles away to perform their work throughout the Bay area.

Call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300

Bay Area 831-244-0874

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