Rock Beats Scissors & Our Concrete DESERT CRETE Easily Beats DeckTech’s Polyurea Granite Deck

Educated clients make my job easier; and when educated clients have ALL the information they need to make the right decision, they usually chose Desert Crete over our local competitors products. 

Take for example our latest project we just signed, a Morro Bay home that has some leak issues, needs some sloping and needs to meet building code requirements by having a Class A fire retardant deck system. Our clients had met with DeckTech, Inc of Grover Beach. They liked the finish and were getting ready to sign on when the contractor who built their house told them about our Desert Crete and that they should consider our product too. 

A referral to us from a builder is like gold; builders know what works and what doesn’t. This builder had seen some failures  with DeckTech’s Granite Deck II system on his own projects and has had experience with our product and experienced ZERO failures using Desert Crete.

Our clients on Greenwood in Morro Bay saw our product, read our websites and did their research; and when they were finished, they selected Desert Crete over Granite Deck II. They realized that Granite Deck did not have an ICC report proving it’s manufacturer’s claims, it was not fire retardant in accordance with AC-39, the governing document on Pedestrian Traffic Coatings and the “warranty” was really just a ten year maintenance agreement. 

Look for us next week on the 2000 block of Greenwood, providing our next client with a proven code compliant fire retardant deck system. 

Concrete decking systems beat any other coating system hands down in durability, life spans, ease of maintenance, costs of ownership and every other criteria applicable to deck systems over plywood. 

Call us and see why, we can bring you our local competitors coating samples to let you compare head on…Call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300.  



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