MB Piper Construction ain’t afraid of no roof deck…

and neither should you!

Not when your deck has been treated right and given a beauty treatment by Central Coast Waterproofing.

Our latest project we just completed is a remodel of a home on Greenwood in Morro Bay. The home sat on the hill but didn’t have much of a view. Raissing up the house and building a deck on the front to get a view was the answer!

MB Piper Construction was tasked with the job and Matthew Piper knew he needed a permanent solution to waterproof his deck. MB Piper had worked with us before on several other projects so Matthew had the answer; Central Coast Waterproofing and Desert Crete.

Six months ago we came in during the rough construction phase and dried in the deck, installing a construction coat of Desert Crete fire retardant Class A decking. While other trades built the house, the deck was protected from water intrusion without having to be covered and protected like some of our competitors  prima donna weak deck systems do.

After the house was done and finishes completed, we came back and applie dour finish-in this case a low knockdown texture and 2 coats of Desert Brand sealer in Slate Grey.

When your project demands excellence, call us, we will give you the best decking system (IMO) out there!

See why I say Desert Crete can’t be beat.

Just ask Matthew Piper who he prefers for his decking projects…

Call me, Bill Leys for a free estimate today.


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