Pacific Builders of SLO Awards Waterproofing Contract to CCW For Avila Beach Project

Looks good, but leaks underneath need fixin’

We are proud to announce that we were awarded the contract to waterproof stem walls of a garage as well as the elevated plywood covered driveway/deck of a home in Avila Beach by Pacific Builders of San Luis Obispo.

The job entail using Kryton Crystalline Waterproofing on the stem walls abutting an adjoining property that is at a higher elevation, causing runoff from the property to intrude through the walls and into framing on the other side.

Kryton is perfect for jobs like this as it can waterproof concrete on both the positive and the negative sides.

The deck waterproofing for the driveway will use the Mer-Kote ARC below grade waterproofing system with fabric reinforcement and sheet metal flashing, combined with Schluter Troba drain mat with a 3″ concrete driveway overburden poured on top.

The work is scheduled to begin in early June. Watch for pictures!

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