Job Profile-Walnut Creek Decks Get Mer-Kote Waterproofing Under 3000#’s of Concrete Overburden

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Our latest job took us to Walnut Creek, a few miles east of Oakland/Berkeley. The aging apartment complex has side by side decks with a privacy wall in between, covered with a 2″ thick concrete overburden. The old hot mop underneath had failed, dried up from heat and time evaporating the oil based material and allowing water to intrude into the framing.

The general contractor had to perform substantial repairs to the framing before we could do any waterproofing. Beams, joists and plywood all had to be replaced when the hidden damage was discovered during demolition.

After the repairs had all been made, the flashings installed and the decks were ready for us, we installed Mer-Kote  ARC under tile waterproofing with reinforcement on the flashings and the horizontal surfaces.

As the concrete on top is not being waterproofed, we then installed a drain mat from Schluter, called Troba, that allows water to drain freely off the deck under the concrete. After the Troba is laid down, we cut and fit reinforcing wire for the concrete to be poured on top.

Then the concrete truck and pumper arrived and we began the process of pumping 3000#’s of concrete  30 feet high and spread it out and troweled out to a broom finished walking surface. Quite the day moving that mud around!

The deck is completed and  now is ready again for the tenants to use for their outdoor summer enjoyment.

Give your property the best in waterproofing and decking with Mer-Kote and Central Coast Waterproofing.

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