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Our latest completed project is the Ocean Palms Motel in Pismo Beach, at the corner of  Ocean View Ave and Price St.

The owners had to sets of stairs with dry-rot in them that needed to be replaced. There was old ugly carpet on the walkways/landings and it needed to be replaced too. The owners considered new carpet along with offerings from another competitor as well as our Desert Crete system.

We showed the owners a couple of Hotel and restaurant jobs in the area we had done-Shore Cliff Lodge,  Ventana Restaurant and in SLO, the Los Padres Inn.  Los Padres Inn has had Desert Crete on their walkways for about 8 years now and it’s performing perfectly.

The owners selected Central Coast Waterproofing to install Desert Crete over carpet and Tufflex. I think the Los Padres Inn helped close the deal when they spoke with the owner their and his experience working with me.

We came in after the stairs were repaired, installed new flashings on the wall and on the edges, then installed Desert Crete to 600 square feet of walkwways. Cool weather, heavy fog, rain…all conspired to delay the job, but we foiled those conditions with tarps over the walkways and heaters. Every night the hotels walkways were able to be opened, enabling the hotel to sell rooms and keep up their income stream.

Ask Ron or Rashmi Patel how they like their new walkways installed by Central Coast Waterproofing.

They’l tell you why they picked us and how they are happy they did.

Call me, Bill Leys for a free estimate on your next hotel, motel or condo project. 805-545-8300.

Let me show you the benefits of Desert Crete over Tufflex, NCS Granite Deck, DeckTech Membrane or any other coating offered you by our competitors. You’ll be glad you did!

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