How Can You Save Money On Your Spring Home Improvement Project? See What We Said In This News Story!

Everyone wants to save money on home improvement projects, the question is how. Fox Business News provides the answers in this story that was just published today. CCW’s founder Bill Leys is a source quoted in the story. We were glad we could contribute to the article!


Five Ways to Save on Your Spring Home Improvement Project


Published April 24, 2012


Homeowners wanting to do improvement and renovations projects this spring can make their enhancements a reality without breaking the bank.

The housing market has come a long way since the 2008 crash heard around the world, but it’s still far from repaired, and homeowners looking to make some improvements to their abodes are in a position to find heavy discounts.  

Homeowners want to save money on a project, but too often they don’t have a clear idea of what they need or want, says Bill Leys, a contractor who specializes in deck waterproofing. Having a clear idea and execution plan for a project will help homeowners  effectively compare prices and avoid buying products and materials they don’t actually need or like.

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