The Ocean Palms Motel, located in Pismo Beach, has awarded a contract to Central Coast Waterproofing for their 2nd floor walkway.

The Motel is making repairs to staircases and the walkways, which currently have a outdoor carpet on them. The project is scheduled to start on Monday April 23rd and be 100% completed by May 1st.

The 750 square feet of walkways will receive new flashings at the edges and posts as well as at the wall to deck. Then we’ll install our Desert Crete decking system from Hill Brothers Chemical Company.

Desert Crete is a ICC-ES evaluated system, proven and tested as a pedestrian traffic coating that is Class A rated as per ASTM E-108 testing against fire and is also One Hour Rated as per ASTM E-119 testing.

The Ocean Palms joins the  other Pismo businesses that have enjoyed the benefit of having Desert Brand products protect and beautify their property- the Shorecliff Lodge has Desert Crete on their room decks and on their walkways and Desert Crete Pool Deck finish on their pool deck. The Spyglass Inn has Desert Crete on their walkways. The professional buildings at James Way have Desert Crete on their large an long walkways.

These clients all know that even though they paid a little more than what they could have, they got a better deal by buying a better longer lasting, lower cost of ownership product than what our competitors will sell you.

Desert Crete is a durable, concrete based system that resists damage from carts, suitcases and such. Let me show you the benefits of buying Desert Crete over our competitors offerings.

Call today for your free estimate on your project.


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