Job Profile-Smooth Sailing on Harbor View Apartment Decks With CCW At The Helm

Our latest job profile is the continuing story about the decks of Harbor View Villa Apartments in Ventura CA.

There are a lot of decks at this apartment complex. The decks are protected with the Mer-Kote Weather Deck system, a slip sheet system that is comprised of multiple layers of materials/fillers that culminate in a smooth deck surface . These systems work very well, but they do need to be maintained on a regular (every 3 years) basis to protect the system from UV damage and to keep the deck looking nice.

Unfortunately the deck systems on most of the decks were severely damaged a couple years ago when a painting company won the bid to clean and repaint the decks during a painting project of the entire complex. Without knowledge of the crae and maintenance procedures recommended by Mer-Kote, an untrained laborer with a pressure washer went wild with it. If some material came off, more coming off must be better right? When cleaning Mer-Kote decking, a pressure washer is only OK to use with a broom attachment tto “sweep” the deck clean with lower pressure. A scrub brush and soapy water, rinse and it’s clean and ready to prime and repaint.

The decks we’ve been replacing with our Desert Flex system have to be stripped of the existing Mer-Kote down to the sloped concrete underlayment. After stripping we inspect the drains for rust and damage. Then any that are bad get replaced, a primer coat of Desert Brand Level Max 20/30 and Polymer 550 is troweled over the underlayment.

Then a fiberglass mat and resin is rolled down over the primer. After curing then we apply a second coat of polymerized Level Max is troweled over the glass to encase and protect it.  A low knocked down texture and two coats of pigmented custom colored sealer is applied to finish the new deck system.

As tenants move out the decks are replaced as needed. The management is slowly taking control of their decks with a deck system that performs well, needs a minimal of care and costs less to install than a new Mer-Kote system.

The result is low maintenance decks that tenants and the management love!

You’ll love our decks too! Try us today and get a free estimate for your next project.

Call me, Bill Leys, the owner of Central Coast Waterproofing direct at 805-545-8300 today!


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