Job Profile-Our Angies’s List A Rating & Willingness to Work With Clients Budget Beats Largest Ad in the Yellow Pages Competitor

Our latest job wasn’t the biggest job we will work on this year. However, for our client and ourselves, the job is important, whatever the size…

Our client has a small waterproof deck over living space. After recently purchasing the home, a cheap repair to the deck showed up, with a crack exactly the size of a sheet of plywood appeared through his metal lath concrete based deck system.

A local competitor with a really big ad in the Yellow Pages had provided a bid that seemed outlandishly high…so they being Angies List members consulted the database there and found us.

At Angies List our clients saw our “A” rating, read our reviewers musings and called us.

I looked at the deck, made a couple of proposals for options to repair the cracks and redo the deck. Our competitor didn’t provide options and seek to work within the clients budget. With an option for a lower cost repair, the clients budget was met and we fixed up their deck.

Don’t pay for our competitors big expensive ad, put your money to a job that will work at a cost you can afford. Check us out on Angies List or Yelp and find our why your satisfaction is our goal.

For a free estimate and an education on deck waterproofing that will help you make the right decision, call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300

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