Job Update-Cayucos CA Oceanside “Cottage” Getting Mer-Kote Tile Waterproofing System


We are truly blessed to live on the Central Coast! The only way it could be better is if we were living on the ocean…but we are not. At least not yet.

However when an ocean front remodel job comes up, we get the best of working at least by being on the beach. The view behind us of Morro Rock is spectacular.

However, as pretty as today is, we all know the ferocity of winter storms pounding down. On the ocean front home, its the pinnacle of torture. Rain, salt, sun…its a very tough test of waterproofing systems.

That’s why we are on this job. It was with a local competitor…whose materials began failing off copper flashings, split and leaked on plywood seams…not good.

Crizer Construction of Los Osos had legitimate concerns about the previous systems long term durability and the local competitors ability to make his materials stick to copper flashings. Removing them from the job and bringing in experts with legitimate ICC-ES approved waterproofing systems was his answer.

Our first part of this project is waterproofing decks for tile. We’ve put in copper flashings, waterproofed them and reinforced them with burlap and have primed and are now waterproofing the ocean view deck with Mer-Kote ARC under tile membrane.

Crizer Construction knows the value of correct waterproofing systems after seeing unproven untested unevaluated polyurea fail his test…a multi-million dollar ocean front home.

When failure is not an option, when a qualified factory authorized applicator of mission critical waterproofing systems is needed on your castle, call me. Bill Leys direct at 805-545-8300. If you see Bob Crizer ask him who he’ll hire on his next job and why…

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