Job Profile-Rock View Morro Bay Remodel Gets Rocked With Desert Crete


Our second project that we completed this week was the flashing and waterproofing of 190 sq foot deck, stairs and 2 landings on a remodel in Morro Bay CA.
Builder Marcos Cisneros was presented a choice of Tufflex by a competitor and Desert Crete from us.

When I made my presentation to Marcos I was able to show him my sample of Desert Crete along with samples of Tufflex. When compared side by side and the pros and cons discussed of each system, it quickly became apparent to Marcos that Desert Crete was they way to go.

Being Class A fire resistant, having an ICC-ES report proving its code compliant, and being able to be installed without fear of damaging the coating won Marcos over.

This week we flashed the deck and stairs, installed scuppers on the deck and installed Desert Crete to everything. The finish will be applied when all of the building is done. We will be the last or nearly last contractor back to finish. Meanwhile a rugged construction coat protects this job.

Need rugged good looking coatings that are fire resistant? Call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 for a free estimate today. You’ll be glad you did.

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