Job Profile-Posts Penetrating Deck Waterproofing Bring Expensive Repair Bill to Owner


I am a true convert…follow me and you to will be saved from the hell of dry-rot, termites and a bill that was 5x more than the original quote.

I say to you do not let posts penetrate a deck without ensuring that they are  waterproofed with a post cover and cap system. This isn’t an ad or promotion for Trex or Lowes but Trex make some great covers that slide right down over a 4×4 post. Lowes in Paso carries them. 
Our job here started our innocently enough to open and inspect one loose post, fix a couple cracks and the clean and repaint the deck. We started by opening the post and that’s where the job started escalating in price. The post was a metal sleeve that wasn’t flashed and it and 3 others out of 7 had dryrot in the joist areas from moisture intrusion.

The whole deck ended up being torn off to the joists. Dry-rot in several joists from water intrusion, improper blocking of edges and plywood installed in the wrong direction relative to the joist layout all conspired to doom this deck.

Being in Cambria fire country, the home was built with stucco, metal roof and concrete decking. Desert Crete is the perfect replacement, being Class A rated for fire resistance.

All the plywood was replaced, new posts with Trex sleeves replaces the old metal sleeves, and properly blocked, glued and screwed, our client has a well built and waterproofed deck.

The challenges in waterproofing decks are many and leaving this important job to amateurs is risky.
Don’t play with fire, get the right company to do your job right!

Call me, Bill Leys for a free inspection and quote on your next job at 805-545-8300. You’ll be glad you did!

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