Amex Newsletter Asks CCW What We Do On Rainy Days

Recently we responded to a reporters inquiries as to what contractors who work outdoors do on rainy days. American Express’ just published this last week…

Construction: How to Turn Bad Weather Into Good Opportunities

Feb 10, 2012 Since many construction projects are weather dependent, many contractors find themselves with idle time on rain or snow days. Some contractors spend the inside time catching up on paperwork, while others will use the bad weather to take some downtime. However, there are other ways you can use your inside days to help grow your business. Follow Up with Past Clients and Meet New Ones Bad weather days are an ideal time to focus on marketing and generating new business. One strategy is to check in with past clients or other contacts to s
ee if they are ready to move forward on projects they have mentioned to you in the past. Bill Leys, owner of The Deck Expert, uses bad weather days to follow up with clients who have had their deck patched to see if they want the deck repaired correctly. “ It often works, and even just the follow up can result in a referral to a neighbor or friend,“ Leys said.


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