Central Coast Waterproofing to Waterproof 1700 Sq Feet for Tile Decks on Remodel on Ocean Ave Cayucos

Our latest job we’ve just signed is a set of four decks that will be receiving tile over tile waterproofing membrane manufactured by Mer-Kote.

Totaling over 1700 square feet in size, the showpiece of the home will be the 1300 square foot main deck overlooking the ocean. With views from Morro Bay in the south to Cambric in the north, the deck will be a main gathering place for the owner and his family.
General contractor Crizer Construction is heading up the job, and cited the need for a top quality waterproofing system with a top quality company to ensure its correct installation.

With a high end home with high end finishes, Crizer Construction couldn’t afford to take chances.
We use Mer-Kote because we can’t take chances either. Mer-Koch’s system is approved for under tile applications where near constant immersion and contact with water is a given and failure is not an option.
When failure is not an option for your tile deck waterproofing job, call us, the experts in tile deck waterproofing systems, methods and application.
Im Bill Leys and its my name behind your job. Call me at 805-545-8300 for a free consultation today.

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