Job Profile-Pismo Beach Condo Gets Treated to New Plywood and Desert Crete

Our latest job in Pismo Beach was a Bay Cliff condo deck that had been “fixed” 2x before by other contractors who did not specialize in the correct installation of pedestrian traffic coatings.  Yes twice fixed before.

This time around the Association hired Jim Carr Construction to fix this deck right. Jim had fixed a couple other decks in the complex and knew what he had to do-strip it down to plywood and then see what needed to be done after that. 

Once the deck was stripped we found old degraded OSB board that was water damaged. Replacement was the only option here…
Off Jcame the old and Jim CARR Construction installed new 3/4″ exterior grade plywood blocked glued and screwed.

Once the plywood was in place we came in and flashed the edges walls and the posts. Desert Crete decking was installed to provide the Association with a deck that is Class A fire resistant and has a low maintenance cost, good for lowering reserve costs…

Once we waterproofed the deck in rough, Jim came back and finished waterproofing the posts and then built a sided in wall for exterior finish.

The job wasn’t cheaper but the lesson is great work doesn’t come cheap but great work costs less over time than cheap work.

Why put cheap no name brands on your valuable home, hotel, condo or apartment complex that don’t create value for you? Get the best deck waterproofing you can. Its advisable and yet its total cost of ownership is less. Ill prove if.

Call me, Bill Leys for your free estimate at 805-545-8300.

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