Job Profile-Repairing Spyglass Ridge IV Decks


Central Coast Waterproofings latest job was in Pismo Beach CA on Mattie Road.

Spyglass Ridge IV, an HOA built approximately 6-7 years ago had some problems with posts penetrating their deck waterproofing. The deck coating is performing as it should be but the problem was the posts had flashing around them that did nothing to stop water from soaking into and through the wood. All the flashings did was allow the coating to terminate at the post to the metal. Poor design by the architect is my opinion…

The decks substrate had begun dryrotting as where the decorative posts and wood trim under the substrate that was exposed below.
Substantial renovations by carpenters were required before repairs to the waterproofing could be done.

After the repairs were completed, Central Coast Waterproofings staff began the process of repairing the waterproofing membrane and re-finishing the deck surfaces.

This serves as another lesson on why wood posts should NEVER penetrate waterproofing without being waterproofed too.

Make sure your next project gets detailed right. Call the pros at Central Coast Waterproofing first!

For your free estimate to repair or waterproof your decks call me Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 today.
Integrity, professionalism and excellence. You’ll pay a little more but you’ll sleep well at night…and isn’t that worth it?

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