Looking for Deck Guard Services? They are out of biz, Get support and repair help from us!

Some years ago I was a sales rep for Deckguard Services of San Clemente. Having separated ways a few years back I continued selling and installing the Desert Crete system under my own company here.

Its our understanding that Deck Guard Services has closed. Corporate records indicate the corporation is dissolved. CSLB show s their license is suspended.

If you have any issues with any products or services provided by Deck Guard your options for recovery may be limited so we would suggest that you act fast to protect any rights you have.
Unfortunately that will still leave you without much recourse for warranty service or  repairs.
Central Coast Waterproofing wants you to know that we stand ready to service your decks, concrete stamping or other work that Deck Guard may have performed for you.

Please contact us for a free inspection and estimate to maintain your Desert Brand decks.
Material warranty issues should be brought directly to Hill Brothers corporate office for determination of coverage.

Call me, Bill Leys direct at 805-545-8300 for your Deck Guard Services repairs, maintenance and warranty needs today.

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