Central Coast Waterproofing Presents Seminar in Portland OR for JLCLIVE!


I was recently honored to be one of the speakers selected by The Journal of Light Construction’s JLCLIVE Residential Construction Show.
Presenting a special seminar for contractors titled “Best Practices for Building and Waterproofing Decks “, the one hour and fifteen minute presentation attracted over 60 contractors, builders and deck waterproofers.
My seminar discussed the many important details that are required to make a deck waterproofing job successful.

Starting with framing and substrate, the class was lead through the process of building a deck intended to be waterproofed with a pedestrian traffic coating system. Sequencing the waterproofing with the drying in of the rough framing and properly building slope into the deck via framing, plywood selection andthe a “how to” on the install of my favorite decking system “Desert Crete” was some of the highlights of the program.

JLCLIVE staff was very pleased with the turnout for the last seminar scheduled for the show on a Friday at 2:45pm.
Thank you for coming if you we’re one of our audience members!
If you would like us to present to your builders group, architects or trade association feel free to get in touch.
I can show you what a top notch waterproofing company expects and needs to perform and waterproof your decks and stairs properly.
Call Bill Leys direct at 805-545-8300.

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