Our coolest job ever is our being able to waterproof the pool at the Oakland Zoo Tiger Exhibit.

Our project came about when the Zoo contacted Kryton, the manufacturer of Crystalline Waterproofing. They had done some researcha nd found Kryton on their web search. Kryton passed the lead to Hill Brothers, their California distributor.

Hill Brothers came to us for this job, believing that we were best qualified to install and represent Kryton.

The old pool hadn’t been used for a long time, cracks and a porous concrete would leak to fast and water is to precious to let it run out. We had Zoo maintenance staff use Desert Brand concrete etch on the pool to help clean it and open the pores. A power washing finished cleaning the bowl.

Central Coast Waterproofings crew came in and opened the cracks in the bowl, filling them with Bari-Cote and T1. After drying for the night, we came back in and applied T1 to the bowl. Allowing that to dry, another application of Kryton T2 was applied the following day and that completed our waterproofing.

The Kryton will be wet down for curing/crystal growth for 72 hours by Zoo staff, at which poiunt the pool will be waterproofed. Allowing a full 7 days and the water filling the pool will be potable for the tigers drinking pleasure.

The grand opening of the Tiger Exhibit is scheduled for October 22nd. Visit Oakland Zoo’s website for more information.

For your tigers or fish or whatever you need waterproofed, call us the waterproofing experts at 805-545-8300.

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