Job Profile-Atascadero Homeowner Willing to Pay a Little More for Desert Crete Than Competing Product

On Top ‘o the World in Atascadero & Vulnerable Too

Views are great-views of the ocean, views of the mountains, and when your on top of the mountain, views of the valley below are great. But being on top of the mountain brings risks too. One risk on top of a mountain is fire. Fire runs up windswept hills very fast. Our latest job in Atascadero is on top of San Diego Road on the westside, off 41. It’s a beautiful area, California oaks abound, the hills are washed in brown grasses and chaparral.  Which in wildfire, is fuel for the flames.

If You Can’t Beat ’em, Foil ’em – With Desert Crete

Knowing that he couldn’t mow all the chaparral or cut down the trees, what could one do to be more secure against wildfire when it comes? Answer-Remodel the house to be fire resistant.

Using fire resistant rated materials like Class A rated asphalt roof shingles, One Hour Rated cement siding and Class A rated Desert Crete decking on the deck provides a home with improved fire resistance.  Our client knew he wanted a fire resistant deck.

Some Deck Coatings Got It, Some Don’t

I stress fire resistance over all other attributes of our Desert Crete system. Other competitors seek to avoid any discussion about fire resistance  of their products, because they don’t have any. Our competitor bidding on this job was asked about fire resistance and that’s where the conversation ended. Their product did not have an ICC-ES Report proving that the product had been tested and evaluated as being Class A rated.

Your A Little More Than The Other Guy, But… 

That’s how my client started out when he called to tell me he was awarding us the job.

We came in and installed new flashings over the new plywood decking, flashed 7 posts and installed Desert Crete to the deck. The job took 3 days to complete and the owner is very happy with the appearance of his new Desert Crete deck.

For fire resistant deck surfacing backed by an ICC report proving it, call us, the “Fire Resistant” Deck Experts at 805-545-8300. You might pay a little more, but isn’t your most valuable asset worth it?

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