Job Profile-Desert Crete Selected For Santa Cruz Deck Over Less Expensive Polytuff

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Today’s 12 Round Headline Fight -Price vs Quality

Our latest job profile focuses on why many clients end up selecting Central Coast Waterproofing and our Desert Crete decking system over a competitors lower priced products.

Our client in this epic battle of price vs quality was another client who didn’t know a lot about deck waterproofing…but knew enough to know he didn’t know enough. A sales rep from a local deck waterproofing company had provided a bid for Polytuff/Polycoat urethane. They had guided him through the job, and he was ready to go until he saw an actual sample of the product they were proposing to put down. “Looked thin and vulnerable to damage” he told me when he called.

Education is the Way to Salvation

Our client had gotten on the Internets (Bushism) and did some Googling. Our sites rank high on SEO for deck waterproofing, so the client found Central Coast Waterproofing and read our site at from front to back. With more info and knowledge on deck coatings, he was very concerned about his deck over living space with a very thin coating on it.   He contacted us and we drove up to inspect the job and provide a quote.

How Much More Expensive are You?

When clients call us, they are concerned about money, but they are more concerned with spending it wisely. Our Santa Cruz client was no different-he wanted to spend his money wisely on a deck coating installation that would let him sleep soundly. We measured and inspected, showed him our Desert Crete samples and went away to write a bid. Our bid came in at about 23% more than the local installer of Polytuff.

It’s Better to Spend a Little More to Get What You Want, Than Spend Less & Be Disappointed

The instinct in most of us is to pay as little as we can for something. We want a “deal”.

Let me bust your bubble-in waterproofing, you get what you pay for.

 7, 8, 9 10! Polytuff Your Out! Out Cold That Is

This client recognized in this case, paying a little more was a wise choice.

Desert Crete’s superior concrete coating doesn’t break down from UV, has a One Hour and Class A fire rating, and superior warranty made his choice easier. “Your more expensive, but have a better product” he told me when he called with the approval for the job.

Polytuff was left on the mat, out cold against a superior opponent. Polytuff-Cheaper, yes, Faster, Yes, Better…not in this clients eyes. Desert Crete has the chin to take the punches and roll with them…

Make the right choice and let us install Desert Crete for your deck project. We won’t be cheaper than your local contractor is, but what’s it worth if it’s not going to do what you expect it to do?

Call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 direct for a free estimate.

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