Job Profiles- Open Wood Posts Penetrating Waterproof Decks-The Damage They Cause, The Heartaches & The Breakup

Some recent jobs of ours have actually been repairing decks that were done some years ago by other companies I’ve worked for. Prior clients preferred to work with me when I opened Central Coast Waterproofing…

Two such clients have decks with wood posts penetrating the coating. n the past, I simply went along with the thinking that we flashed around the posts, maybe cut a reglet into them and terminate the flashing. Gobs of caulk were used at the flashing area and there was the understanding that the customer would “fill, paint and seal” the posts to keep water out.

Even mighty Desert Crete can’t do anything about leaky posts…and a clients filling/patching/painting the posts just doesn’t happen happen often enough or in my opinion, really doesn’t do anything except give a false sense of security.

Job one to discuss is a job done 7 years ago. Eighteen wood posts penetrating the deck. Flashed with metal, they were painted and kept up on with paint as needed by the owners. Job two is a condo complex with heavy wood timbers penetrating the waterproofing. Attractive to look at, they let water down in under the coating with a vengeance. Both projects have heavy damage to the framing and posts.

Before we can do anything, framing contractors must tear out ad rebuild rotted wood framing, substrate and trim. On both jobs, this costs thousands of dollars, a week of time and lots of noise and dust.

Job three to discuss is a job we did where the posts were flashed and Azek post covers slipped over the flashing.  Being done prior to damage occurring from open posts leaking, the costs added to the job were minimal; 8 post covers at $100 each. A little time to install them. These posts will never leak and will save the owner thousands in future repair costs.

Our lesson and the lesson for you is, wood posts WILL leak. How much damage is caused won’t be known until years later when the evidence finally presents itself.

What we do now is insist that posts be closed in and weatherproofed. No exceptions unless you sign a form agreeing that it’s not our fault if your deck leaks at the posts and you absolve us of all responsibility and you accept all responsibility for the decision in spite of our advice.

Funny, no one’s signed yet…they accept the slight additional costs after I show them a few pictures…

For posts and decks flashed and waterproofed right, call Bill Leys today at


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