Job Profile-Severely Cracked Garage Floor Challenges This Epoxy Application

Concrete Cracks 

Concrete cracks, that’s basically a given in most garages and slabs. Expansive soil conditions, poor curing, saw cuts made too late, it cracks for one reason or another. A few cracks here and there are ok…and not to bad to work on, but when a job has literally hundreds of feet of cracks, that’s different.

Epoxy Floor Contractor Selection

Our latest job was in Santa Ynez wine country; an estate home on a 100 acres with olives and hay growing around the home.  KGM Construction, a custom luxury home/estate builder out of Templeton contracted with Central Coast Waterproofing for the job.

Blastrac It!

The job started with shotblasting the floor with a Blastrac® shotblaster. Shotblasting opens the concrete, removing the hard troweled finish, exposing the aggregate below. It’s like sanding glossy paint, it helps the new material stick. A Surface Profile 3 was achieved in one pass. Grinding the edges, the concrete was then fully exposed for inspection.

Ouch! It’s All Cracked Up! 

The concrete was severely cracked. I knew we had to patch cracks, the initial inspection I did before the job found cracks, but there were a lot more exposed after the shotblasting.    With an owner wanting a solid color epoxy on the floor, the miles of cracks would present a problem. We filled the cracks with Life Deck 7200 Crack Filler. The patching materials was worked in to be a bit higher than the surface. Sanding them down helped to minimize the cracks.

Squeegee, Backroll

Time to finally put down epoxy. The first step is a water based primer. Life Deck water based epoxy is cut with a gallon of water and spread out on a misted wet floor. Pre-wetting helps penetration of the epoxy.

Next, epoxy coat. Kretus from Quest Building Products of Anaheim supplied the kits of epoxy. A total of 3 kits, 4.5 gallons, of epoxy was squeegee’d down and backrolled. Some of the cracks show a bit in the right light right angle, but most have been blended into the floor.

Clearly, a Gloss Finish

Now that the epoxy is down, it’s time to protect it with 2 coats of Chemical Resistant Urethane. CRU for short, is a UV protective clear gloss (available in satin too) that is the wear coat, like waxing a vinyl floor…this job got a glossy finish to highlight the German automobiles that will grace it…

Picture your vehicles on a beautiful epoxy floor in your garage-with many choices today, from metallics to glow in the dark, traditional flake systems and solid colors, the sky’s the limit.

Epoxies go great in homes, restaurants, nightclubs, commercial garages and anywhere you’d like a new floor,                   even over plywood!

Call Bill Leys today for a free quote on your epoxy floor project.


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