Job Profile-Old Ugly Painted Garage Floor Transformed With New Epoxy & Clearcoat

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Our latest job took place in Santa Maria; a client wanted to redo his garage floor.

The floor had several coats of paint on it, previous attempts to make it look good may have worked then for a while, but now it was just plain ugly. A laundry room and pantry off the garage also needed to be done as well.

Using a Blastrac DEZ-8 shotblaster, we removed the painted floor down to the concrete. The shotblaster leaves a rough surface roughly equal to 60 grit sandpaper. This gives the epoxy a surface it can grip too. Shotblasting is “green” in that no chemicals are used, no water runoff into plants/garden beds and we can immediately start coating the floor.

Life Deck  crack filler was used to fill approximately60 lineal feet of cracks. Life Deck water based epoxy primer was then applied after the crack filler cured. Primer seals the floor’s pores that were opened up.

A thin film solid color epoxy supplied by Quest Building Products was applied to the floor in a Medium Gray color. After an overnight cure period, we returned to apply two coats of a Life Deck gloss finish Chemical Resistant Urethane.

One last item was to use a self leveling Sika brand polyurethane caulk between the garage floor and the driveway to complete the job.

Garage, warehouse, kitchen, whatever concrete floor you have, we can apply epoxy to. Flake systems, metallic colors, acid staining and more are some options for your floors.

Call  Bill Leys today for a free inspection and quote for your next flooring project.


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