Job Profile-Oakland Remodel With A New Tile Deck Gets Waterproofed

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Our latest tile deck waterproofing project was a home in Oakland CA. Our client was searching the Internet for information on waterproofing a deck that would be receiving tile. He wanted a system that was proven with an applicator to perform the work that would back up the job with a strong warranty and a top notch installation crew to get it done right.

Local contractors weren’t giving our client the warm and fuzzy’s…

A Google search led him to . Our blog posts and tile deck waterproofing page gave him a warm n fuzzy feeling..a couple of calls, emails and our client was feeling a lot better about his project. We came to an agreement to come up to Oakland to do the waterproofing.

While our pricing was a little more than what local installers were offering, our client is the type willing to pay a little more to get a better job. For him, leaks weren’t an option on this new tile deck.

This project utilized copper flashings for the waterproofing terminations. A one piece door/window pan was fabricated for the rough opening. One piece soldered copper corners allowed a rapid and easy fitment.

A Thunderbird Products Tile Deck Drain was used along with an overflow to drain water out of the deck.  These drains are designed for this specific application.

After setting up the flashing, door pan and drains, we installed Mer-Kote ARC waterproofing on the plywood substrate, reinforced with polyester fabric. Then a reinforced 1″ mortar bed was installed over the waterproofing to provide a tile setting bed. Another application of ARC on top of the mortar acts as a secondary moisture barrier.

Mer-Kote’s Ten Year warranty combined with our professional installation provides our client with peace of mind.

If you need peace of mind for your next deck waterproofing project, call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300.

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