Oakland Zoo’s Torako and Her New Tiger Friends To Frolic in Exhibit Pool Waterproofed With Kryton

Tigers and Leaks and Waterproofing Oh My!

The Oakland Zoo is redoing their Tiger Exhibit; one tiger, Torako, is currently living at the Zoo, a circus rescue kitty…(please, if your getting a new pet, adopt at your local shelter!)

and Torako will have more company coming to join her in the exhibit in a month or so. Four more cats are coming!

With 5 big cats and one small waterfall and pool, there won’t be room for all.

Enter Kryton and Central Coast Waterproofing. When the Zoo called Kryton inquiring about waterproofing an old concrete pool that was cracked and leaking and unused for years because of the leaks, Kryton forwarded the lead to their local distributor, Hill Brothers Chemical Company.

Once the lead came into Hill Brothers, they needed to tap a contractor who loved challenges and knew the Kryton system.  Who else but Central Coast Waterproofing? My salesman called and asked if we’d be interested in looking at the job. After hearing about the job and the Big Cats needs for a pool of water (I love Big Cats) we volunteered immediately to donate our labor for the kitty cats pool waterproofing.

On Wednesday  September 14th, we’ll be packing up and heading to the zoo for the job…in a couple days we’ll have the pool fixed up right and holding water using Kryton Crystalline Waterproofing technology.

Head on over to Oakland Zoo’s Facebook page and “Like” Them…consider donating a little money to the Zoo too!

Torako, a circus rescue, needs a pool to swim in!

Watch in the next couple weeks for pics of the job, and in a month, pics of the tigers frolicking in their pool!

Whether you need waterproofing for your own kitty cat pool or for a any project requiring waterproofing, consider Kryton and Central Coast Waterproofing.

Call us at 805-545-8300 today.

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