Sometime back in 2004 I’m bidding a new construction project in Morro Bay. The GCs rep is leaning towards TUFFLEX in stead of Desert Crete. I can’t convince him and they hire a TUFFLEX installer.
Flash forward to today…here I am back on the same project.
Here’s a pic of the TUFFLEX that has failed due to lack of maintenance and UV exposure. Thin material let’s lath  show through…never a good sign. The lath underneath is rusted in many areas materials have bubbled…
In short a POS. This deck will need to be torn off and redone. The TUFFLEX is not adhering to the copper flashings…

I keep saying I never get the job when its being built but I don’t mind replacing other competitors  unapproved products at a much higher cost.
Thanks Tufflex you are now my BFF…there’s 40 homes here with TUFFLEX on them alone x how much per to replace????
Pay now or pay more later.

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